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Medium Sized Dogs:10 Quiet Types You Should Choose For Life

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    For those preferring medium sized dogs due to a more sedentary lifestyle, limited living space, or no need for a high-energy working breed, serene, medium-sized breeds are an ideal choice. Many medium-sized dog breeds are celebrated for their amiable demeanor, social inclinations, and lower demands for vigorous activities.

    Contemplating the addition of a tranquil medium dog breed to your household? Our guide presents a selection of the finest serene medium-sized dogs suitable for adoption, along with insights on how to welcome one into your home. Continue reading for comprehensive details.


    What determines a dog’s calmness?

    Each canine breed possesses distinct traits influenced by both genetics and environmental factors. Regarding breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, specific breed standards exist, and it’s common for both purebreds and mixes to exhibit comparable personality traits.

    Calm dogs, for instance, are often friendly, gentle, sociable, and relaxed, typically requiring less physical activity. Nevertheless, numerous medium-sized breeds are still quite playful and enjoy engaging activities with their family members.

    It’s crucial to understand that meeting your dog’s physical and mental activity requirements is essential to maintaining their calm demeanor. Neglecting these needs can lead to unwanted behaviors such as aggressive behavior or anxiety, stemming from inadequate care.


    Top serene medium-sized dogs for a relaxing lifestyle

    In the following section, we highlight the top serene medium dog breeds, perfect companions for days filled with leisure, rest, and ample affection. Opting for any of these breeds, or their mixes, is an excellent decision for those seeking a smaller, more subdued canine friend.

    Golden Retriever

    Nearing the upper limit of medium-sized breeds, the golden retriever stands out. While some individuals reach larger sizes, many remain within the medium range. In the United States, golden retrievers are exceedingly popular, cherished for their affable nature, relaxed demeanor, and their gentle interaction with family members.

    golden retriever

    Golden retrievers might display a playful, slightly mischievous side and require two extensive walks daily, along with family playtime. Their greatest joy, however, is spending abundant time with their loved ones and basking in all the affection they receive.


    Despite their fame as racing hounds, greyhounds surprisingly exhibit a laid-back, couch-loving lifestyle. They thrive in a tranquil home environment, requiring just a daily burst of outdoor sprinting to expend their energy.


    Greyhounds are fond of snuggling with their families and are content to spend hours dozing when left alone. Known for their amiable and relaxed nature, they eagerly participate in family activities. However, to prevent the onset of anxiety-related behaviors, this breed may benefit from additional training and affection.


    The endearing pug, notable for their unique facial structure, compact size, and a hint of obstinacy, is generally a calm breed. They do not demand extensive activities or tasks and are happiest when cuddling with their families.


    Pugs reciprocate the love they receive in abundance and are content with a few brief strolls daily and playful moments at home. As they are among the smaller representatives of medium-sized breeds, they are an ideal selection for apartment dwellers or those with limited living spaces.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Captivating hearts with their expressive, large eyes, the cavalier King Charles spaniel is a breed marked by its gentleness and sweet character. They are amiable and social, cherishing every moment spent lounging with their families or cozying up in bed.

    cavalier King Charles spaniel

    While cavalier King Charles spaniels exhibit a playful side, requiring regular walks and interactive play with their owners, they are not overly energetic or demanding in terms of tasks.

    Eager to please, they take delight in learning new tricks with their owners. Their innate lap dog tendencies mean they relish spending their days resting close to you whenever possible.

    English bulldog

    The English bulldog, a medium-sized breed, is easily recognized by its wrinkled skin and stout physique, proving to be a tranquil and surprisingly silent companion.

    They seldom bark, only doing so when it’s absolutely essential, making them well-suited for apartment living or confined spaces due to their size and quiet demeanor.

    English bulldog

    Typically affable with children, English bulldogs enjoy engaging in playtime with their families and going on easygoing walks.

    You’ll frequently find them sharing the couch or bed with you for a peaceful nap. However, their stubborn streak necessitates a firm training approach to manage any obstinate behavior effectively.

    Basset hound

    Recognizable by their elongated floppy ears, basset hounds captivate hearts with their sweet temperament and gentle nature.

    Basset hound

    Despite their somewhat melancholic appearance, courtesy of their expressive eyes, they are quite cheerful. These dogs possess an exceptional sense of smell, which they eagerly use during playtime with family, and they are quick to settle down for a lengthy nap on the couch beside you once play is over.

    Basset hounds enjoy the company of other animals, as they are inherently sociable pack animals, and are known for their gentle demeanor around children. It’s important to remember, though, that they can exhibit a stubborn streak, requiring extra patience during training sessions.

    French Bulldog

    French bulldogs are attentive, medium in size, and thrive without the need for excessive outdoor exercise. They possess a tranquil nature and are fond of being around people, also showing a sociable disposition towards other animals.

    French bulldog

    Renowned for their snuggly behavior, French bulldogs cherish cuddling with their families whenever they can. This breed displays an easygoing, occasionally comical character, and is sure to enliven your home with playful antics.

    Additionally, French bulldogs are excellent choices for apartment living or as low-maintenance companions for seniors seeking a doggy friend.


    Corgis, recognized for their diminutive legs, vibrant personalities, and affectionate demeanor, are a serene medium-sized breed that seamlessly integrates into most family settings. They do not require excessive physical activity, yet their owners should engage in play and provide several brief walks daily.


    Corgis are known for their devoted nature, constantly seeking the company of their family, and are remarkably loyal. They are an ideal choice for families who spend considerable time at home or those who enjoy including their corgi in their travels.

    This adaptable breed flourishes with consistent training, which is vital for their happiness and mental engagement.


    Whippets are known for their gentle, affectionate nature, and quiet demeanor, creating deep bonds with their family members. While not overly social, they are seldom aggressive or fearful in new encounters with people and animals, showing a preference for the familiar company of their family and the comfort of home.


    Suitable for families with children, this breed enjoys playful interactions in short spurts throughout the day, along with a couple of walks to satisfy their exercise requirements. After expending their energy, they eagerly seek cuddle time with their family members, followed by a well-earned nap.

    English Cocker Spaniel

    English cocker spaniels rank among the more active yet calm medium-sized dogs, their zest for exercise not to be mistaken for the intensity typical of high-energy breeds. They relish playing and engaging in activities with their families, gradually adopting a more serene demeanor as they transition from puppyhood.

    English cocker spaniel

    Known for their affectionate, gentle, and devoted nature, they immensely enjoy quality time snuggled up with their loved ones.

    Consistent training is essential for keeping your English cocker spaniel mentally stimulated. Expect them to be amiable with children and other pets, showcasing their intelligence and playfulness. After a day of activity, they are most content when cuddling as much as possible.


    Adopting a serene medium-sized dog

    For those keen on adopting a serene medium-sized dog breed, exploring local rescue groups or breed-specific shelters is a great way to find an adult dog in need of a loving home.

    Opting for this route can be more cost-effective and offers the advantage of adopting a dog with an established personality, eliminating the uncertainties commonly associated with raising a dog from puppyhood.


    Selecting the ideal calm dog for your household

    Regardless of whether you’re considering adopting one of these calm medium dog breeds from a shelter or purchasing a puppy from a breeder, prioritizing the well-being of both the dog and your family is crucial.

    Introducing a new canine companion into your life can be daunting. It’s beneficial to conduct thorough research on the calm medium dog breed you intend to welcome into your home.

    By aligning your search with your needs and preferences, you’ll be better positioned to find the most suitable calm medium-sized dog breed for you and your family.

    Additionally, consider investing in a quality dog harness to ensure the safety and comfort of your new pet.


    Summing up

    For those seeking a dog that aligns with a quieter lifestyle or smaller living arrangements, medium sized dogs offer a perfect blend of companionship and manageability. This comprehensive guide highlights various breeds known for their serene demeanor, making them ideal for a range of environments from apartments to family homes.

    Each breed, from the affectionate Golden Retriever to the amiable French Bulldog, presents unique qualities but shares a common trait of being relatively calm and adaptable.

    Understanding the importance of meeting a dog’s physical and mental needs is key to maintaining their tranquility. Whether adopting from a shelter or purchasing from a breeder, selecting a medium-sized dog requires consideration of both the animal’s and the family’s needs, ensuring a harmonious match.

    Remember, incorporating a quality dog harness into your new pet’s routine can enhance their safety and comfort as they integrate into your life.



    What are the grooming requirements for medium-sized calm dogs?
    While grooming needs vary among breeds, most medium-sized calm dogs require regular brushing to maintain their coat health. Specific breeds like the English Cocker Spaniel may need more frequent grooming due to their longer fur. It’s important to also consider nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care as part of their routine grooming.

    Can these calm medium-sized breeds adapt to living with other pets?
    Yes, many calm medium-sized dogs, such as the French Bulldog and Basset Hound, are known for their sociable nature and can coexist peacefully with other pets. However, it’s crucial to introduce them properly and ensure each pet has its own space.

    How do I know if a calm medium-sized dog is right for my family?
    Consider your lifestyle, living space, and the amount of time you can dedicate to a pet. Calm medium-sized breeds are great for families seeking a lower-energy but affectionate pet. If you have children or other pets, look for breeds known for their gentle nature.

    What kind of training is suitable for calm medium-sized dogs?
    Positive reinforcement training works well for these breeds. They respond best to gentle, consistent training methods. Some, like the Corgi, may require more mental stimulation and enjoy learning tricks, while others may need basic obedience training.

    Are calm medium-sized dogs suitable for first-time dog owners?
    Many of these breeds, including the Pug and Whippet, are excellent for first-time owners due to their manageable size and temperament. They are generally easier to handle and train, making them a good choice for those new to dog ownership.



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