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How to Measure a Cat for a Harness? 2 Steps

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    Are you finding the easiest ways to measure your cat for a harness? Before you buy, make sure you measure your cat so you pick the correct size. You only need 2 easy measurement steps!

    measuring cat size

    Step 1: Measure the circumference of your cat’s chest/neck.

    The cat harness needs to fit closely and securely, ensuring they cannot escape it. Use a tape measure (or a string which you can measure later against a ruler) to take the following measurements while your cat is standing.

    While measuring, ensure you are measuring directly around your cat, going beneath all their fluffy fur for an accurate measurement.

    How to Measure a Cat for a Harness

    Step 2: Match your cat’s measurement with the size chart

    After measuring your cat, refer to the provided size chart to find the corresponding harness size.

    Size For older kittens & small kitties
    For average-sized cats
    For bigger-boned cats
    Neck 12-20 cm
    5-8 inches
    18-25 cm
    7-10 inches
    23-30 cm
    9-12 inches
    Chest 22-36 cm
    9-14 inches
    33-41 cm
    13-16 inches
    41-48 cm
    16-19 inches

    How to find the ‘perfect’ fit?

    Our harness cat vest is great for most cats. It has straps you can adjust and 4 easy-to-open buckles. This makes it simple to put on and take off while keeping it snug on your cat. The vest covers more of your cat and you can put it on over their head or around their neck.

    harness cat vest size chart

    Some vests are step-in types, where your cat steps into it. Want to know more about the best harness for your cat? Check out our guide, “What’s The Best Harness For Your Cat?


    Q: How tight should a cat harness be?

    A: A cat harness needs to be snug. If your cat is between sizes, choose the smaller size for a better fit. This helps stop them from slipping out and is also more comfortable and less bulky for them.

    Q: What if my cat is between two harness sizes?

    A: Choose the smaller size for a snug, secure fit. This helps prevent your cat from slipping out and ensures comfort.

    Q: How to adjust a cat harness for the best fit?

    A: Adjust the two straps on our harness to get the best fit for your cat. You can move the harness clip up or down their back to make it tighter where needed, making sure it’s snug but still comfy.

    Q: What do cat harnesses mean to cats?

    A: No way! We believe taking your cat for walks or even hikes is part of a fun and happy life with you. It’s your call whether it’s a short walk or a long hike. You know your cat best. If they really don’t like harnesses or going outside, try playing indoors instead.

    But if your cat is curious about the outdoors, training them to use a harness isn’t mean at all! They might need time to like their harness, but with patience, treats, and love, outdoor adventures are possible!

    Q: How long does it take for a cat to get comfortable with a harness?

    A: Every cat is different. They might be shocked or confused at first when wearing a harness. Many cats don’t like it the first time, and that’s fine. Help them like the harness by showing it to them with toys, giving treats when they touch it, and being gentle when you put it on.

    It might take a few days, not just hours, for them to get used to it. Just follow these steps to help your cat adjust.

    Q: What size harness for cat weight?

    A: For most cats, a size S/M or M/L is suitable. To determine the right size, measure your cat’s torso behind their front legs using a tape measure. The S/M size is 7 ½” long, with a 3 ½” wide girth strap, and adjusts around the torso from about 13” to 17″. This size generally fits cats weighing approximately 8 to 13 pounds.

    Always measure your cat’s chest and neck and refer to the specific harness’s sizing guide for the best fit.


    Feline Body Condition Scores from UNC Research, this source offers a cat Size-O-Meter to check your pet’s size and shape. Click here.



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