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Best Harness for Puppy 2023

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    Finding the right harness for puppy can be quite a challenge with the myriad of options available.

    As your young canine companion grows, ensuring their comfort and security becomes even more paramount.

    Dive into our comprehensive guide to discover the most suitable choices for your puppy’s needs and adventures. From daily walks to adventurous hikes, we’ve got you covered.

    Top harness kit for play

    BeeJuli Puppy Adventure Kit

    Puppies are always full of zest and energy, and what better way to channel that exuberance than with the BeeJuli Puppy Adventure Kit?

    Just like the vibrant appearance of Julibees Flora, BeeJuli is playful with its patterns.

    Designed specifically with the playful nature of puppies in mind, this kit features a harness made of breathable fabric that ensures your furball stays cool even during their most lively escapades.

    a cool puppy with cool tactical harness for dogs

    The dainty design features are not just for aesthetics; they play a role in keeping your puppy visible during playtime.

    Just as Julibees integrated a matching set, BeeJuli also includes a coordinated lead that is comfortable for both the pup and the owner.


    • Designed for puppies
    • Breathable material
    • Playful design
    • Matching lead


    • Might be too colorful for some

    Quick setup harness

    Urban K9 pup secure

    Ease and convenience can be found in the Urban K9 Pup Secure, reminiscent of the Kurgo RSG Dog Townie.

    No need to struggle with complex buckles or adjustments; the Urban K9 is designed for puppies on the go. Slip it on, snap it in place, and you’re ready for the day’s adventure.

    Made from durable material, this harness can withstand even the most boisterous puppy playtimes. The reflective trims, akin to Kurgo, are an added safety feature for evening strolls.


    • Quick and easy to use
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Reflective trim for safety


    • Limited size options

    Perfect harness for growing breeds


    With the energy and dynamism of large breeds in their puppy stage, the PupGlow harness, much like Rabbitgoo, is a necessary companion for your growing fur friend.

    Crafted to evenly spread pressure across the puppy’s chest, PupGlow ensures your pet’s comfort during their walks. The soft padded area in the frontal region guarantees no chafing against your puppy’s tender skin.

    A unique feature of PupGlow, similar to Rabbitgoo, is the handle incorporated into its design for immediate control. This handle proves to be a boon, especially when your puppy gets overly excited.

    For those who use dual-end leads, PupGlow is the perfect fit. The available sizes are flexible with overlapping measurements for easy adjustability. The vibrant shades also improve visibility, although a classic black version is available for those who prefer a subtle look.


    • Ideal for larger puppies
    • Generous size adjustability
    • Dual D rings
    • Variety of shades


    • The design might seem too practical

    Harness for outdoor adventures

    TrailPup explorer

    Embarking on an adventure? TrailPup Explorer, echoing the prowess of the Ruffwear Web Master, is the harness your puppy needs when you both venture into the wild unknown.

    TrailPup explorer outdoor harness in red

    Beyond a basic stroll in the garden, the TrailPup Explorer stands out as a stellar harness for managing puppies through terrains and challenges, be it guiding Corgis across streams or Shepherds over rocky paths.

    Specially crafted to stay snug, this harness doesn’t compromise your puppy’s agility. With adequate padding around the straps and the base, comfort is a guarantee.

    Adjustability is key, and with 5 points of adjustment, it can be tailored perfectly to fit your puppy, ensuring robo dwarf hamster care level attention to detail.


    • Available from x-small to x-large
    • Light and snug material
    • Multiple adjustment points
    • Durable for challenging terrains


    • On the higher price range

    Night-time harness choice

    LunaGlow reflective kit

    For those moonlit strolls, the LunaGlow Reflective Kit, taking inspiration from the Julius K9 Dog Harness, is a harness emphasizing visibility and safety.

    LunaGlow reflective puppy harness in silver

    When your puppy decides to chase shadows or dart into bushes, this harness’s radiant and reflective material ensures they remain in sight.

    LunaGlow’s design includes a neon-blue version, making your puppy almost appear illuminated in dim lights.

    The international acclaim for LunaGlow’s harnesses parallels that of Julius K9.

    Trainers and veterinarians alike endorse them, highlighting their comprehensive size range, catering even to tiny breeds weighing below 3kg.


    • Enhanced visibility
    • Extensive size options
    • Robust rear handle


    • Premium pricing
    • May seem overly functional

    Harness for road trips

    Road travel is a great experience for dogs, and harnesses are more like a must-have for them.

    Next, let’s introduce which harnesses are suitable for taking dogs on road trip!

    JourneyMate Canine Secure

    Safety is paramount, especially during drives. The JourneyMate Canine Secure, drawing from the design ethos of the Car Safe dog harness, is your go-to for ensuring robo dwarf hamster care-like safety for your puppy on the road.

    a dog with a tactical harness run on the grass

    JourneyMate car safety harness in black

    Every drive becomes stress-free with this crash-tested harness. With side-release buckles, it easily attaches to your car’s seatbelt, ensuring your puppy is safe and comfortable.

    Quality is evident in every stitch, from the mesh to the broad straps, ensuring comfort without any compromises. A front and back D ring is available, making transitions from drives to walks seamless.

    Providing a broad range of sizes, JourneyMate’s online guide incorporates chest, neck, and weight metrics to ensure an ideal fit.


    • Rigorously crash-tested
    • Multiple size choices
    • Hassle-free fitting


    • Absolutely no compromises found

    How do I ensure the best fit?

    Selecting the perfect harness online requires meticulous measurements. Here’s a thorough guide to obtaining precise measurements and identifying the perfect harness size.

    Harnessing your puppy demands the same care as tending to a robo-dwarf hamster care setup. A fabric tape or string will do for measurement.

    For restless puppies, a gentle restraint or treatment can help in calming them. Elevating your puppy, say on a stool, can help in simplifying the process.

    Firstly, measure the chest region, the widest part just behind the front legs. Aim for a snug but comfortable fit. If using a string, juxtapose it next to a ruler for the measurement.

    Occasionally, neck measurement might also be essential. Document it too.

    Lastly, consider your puppy’s weight. Either at the vet’s or by using home scales.

    Weighing yourself carrying your puppy, then subtracting your weight provides your puppy’s weight.

    Always cross-reference your measurements with the manufacturer’s sizing guide. If in doubt between sizes, go for the bigger one, ensuring comfort and avoiding chafing.

    Adventure-Ready puppy harness

    PawsTrail explorer

    When adventures call, the PawsTrail Explorer is the harness for puppy enthusiasts who are always ready to take the plunge. It mirrors Ruffwear Web Master’s adventurous spirit.

    PawsTrail explorer adventure harness in rugged brown

    The PawsTrail isn’t just your regular stroll-in-the-garden harness. Crafted to help guide and support puppies through challenging terrains, from steep stairs to rocky pathways.

    While being robust, it’s specially designed to maintain the puppy’s flexibility. The considerable cushioning on the straps and plate ensures maximum comfort.

    Adjustability is a breeze with its 5 points of customization (2 girth, 1 chest & 2 neck toggles). With the PawsTrail, you’re not just getting a harness, you’re getting a perfect fit.


    • Available from mini to large
    • Rugged yet lightweight
    • 5 customizable points
    • Dual girth clasps


    • Slightly on the expensive side

    Harness for night owls

    LuminPup glow harness

    Night-time escapades demand a harness for puppy lovers who prioritize safety. The LuminPup Glow Harness, with its gleaming features, is an apt match for the Julius K9 Dog Harness.

    LuminPup glowing harness in radiant green

    Should your puppy love to explore the bushes or chase after night critters, this harness ensures they remain visible. The LuminPup variant, much like Julius K9, comes in a neon-blue that stands out even in the dimmest of lights.

    These harnesses, recognized globally, are often advocated by veterinarians and trainers alike. With sizes even for the tiniest of furballs, LuminPup does not disappoint.


    • Enhanced visibility
    • Expansive size variety
    • A durable handle on the back


    • Premium price tag
    • Highly practical appearance

    Safety FirstCar harness

    GuardPup car secure

    Every car journey with your furball should be safe. Harness for puppy car rides becomes a necessity and the GuardPup Car Secure, reminiscent of Car Safe Dog Harness, stands tall in this regard.

    GuardPup safety car harness in sleek black

    This harness has undergone stringent crash testing. The design ensures a snug fit, complete with breathable mesh and quality stitching. The wide straps prevent any digging into your puppy’s skin.

    With a D ring both in the front and back, transitioning from a car ride to a stroll is seamless.


    • Certified crash tests
    • Diverse size range
    • Hassle-free fitting


    • None that we could spot

    Frequently asked queries

    How does a dual lead function?

    Double-ended puppy leads provide the versatility of attaching the lead at two harness points. One on the chest and another on the back. It’s especially handy for those playful pups that can’t resist a good pull.

    Cute pomeranian with a TwinTail dual lead

    We assessed the TwinTail Dual Lead with an adorable Beagle named Charlie. Our reviewer noted the sturdy feel of the lead. When used with the PawsTrail Explorer, the control was unparalleled.

    It’s not just a double-ended lead but can also transform into a standard 1.2m leash.

    Top harness for growing breeds

    PuppyPro fit

    The best harnesses, especially harnesses for puppy-growing breeds, need to understand the evolving anatomy and movements of growing pups.

    PuppyPro harness in radiant green

    The PuppyPro Fit stands out for its thoughtful design, tailored for maturing breeds, ensuring even pressure distribution around their chest as they grow.

    a police dog wear a tactical harness for dogs

    A unique blend of padding is integrated to guarantee no chafing or discomfort. Also, PuppyPro has ingeniously added a handle, vital for immediate control, a feature especially important for those energetic growing phases.

    It’s adaptable to double-ended leads, making it even more suitable for training sessions. The spectrum of sizes available by PuppyPro ensures that the harness can grow with your dog, providing continued comfort and safety.

    Its vibrant hues enhance visibility but for those looking for subtlety, a muted shade is available.


    Ideal for growing breed dogs

    Extensive size flexibility

    Dual D-ring

    Variety of shades


    More functional over fashionable


    Why is a proper harness important for a puppy?

    A suitable harness for a puppy ensures safety, comfort, and better control during walks. It can also prevent potential injuries that might occur if a puppy pulls too hard on a collar, especially around their sensitive neck area.

    At what age should I start using a harness for my puppy?

    You can start using a harness as soon as you bring your puppy home, typically around 8-10 weeks old. It’s essential to choose a soft, adjustable harness that accommodates your puppy’s rapid growth.

    How often should I replace my puppy’s harness?

    Depending on the make and quality of the harness, as well as how fast your puppy grows, you might need to adjust or replace it every few months.

    Always ensure the harness for puppy fits snugly but comfortably, allowing for two fingers’ breadth between the harness and their skin.

    Can I use the same harness for different activities like walking, training, or car rides?

    While some harnesses are multi-functional, it’s often best to select specialized ones depending on the activity.

    For instance, a training harness might have different attachment points than a car safety harness. Always check the harness’s features to ensure it suits your intended purpose.

    How do I clean and maintain my puppy’s harness?

    Most harnesses can be hand-washed with mild soap and water and then air-dried. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can degrade the harness material and might irritate your puppy’s skin.

    Regularly inspect the harness for any signs of wear or damage, and replace if necessary.


    Selecting the perfect harness for puppy is crucial not only for their comfort but also for their safety during walks and adventures. As we’ve explored, the market offers a plethora of options, each tailored to specific needs and circumstances.

    By keeping in mind your puppy’s size, growth rate, and activity level, you can choose a harness that ensures both comfort and control.

    Remember, a well-fitted harness not only makes your walks more enjoyable but also nurtures a healthy bond between you and your young canine friend.

    Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or exploring nature trails, ensure your pup is geared up with the best!



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