K9 Doberman Tactical Harness

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Choose our K9 Doberman Tactical Harness to enhance your dog’s safety, comfort, and overall training experience. It’s the perfect choice for active dog owners looking for a reliable and functional harness. Perfect for training and walks, it’s designed for durability and features a padded design.

Molle System

Our molle harness features a Velcro ID panel on the back, allowing for easy attachment of additional gear, pouches, water bottles, and food snacks. It also provides a designated area for patches to personalize your dog's harness. Expand the functionality of the harness with our versatile molle system.

Durable & Comfortable

Our Doberman Tactical Harness is crafted from premium nylon material, ensuring long-lasting durability. The meticulous stitching and soft padded lining provide ultimate comfort for your dog, preventing any skin irritation or hair damage. Equipped with a top handle, this K9 Military Harness redirects your dog's forward motion and lifts their legs off the ground, allowing you to effortlessly control the pulling and train them to walk obediently by your side. Experience the perfect blend of durability and comfort with our Doberman Tactical Harness.

Easy On & Off

Our no-pull tactical dog harness is designed with a convenient 4 quick-release buckle system that allows you to put it on from the side of the dog's neck instead of the head. This innovative design reduces your dog's resistance and makes the process of putting on and taking off the harness a breeze. With this user-friendly feature, you can save time and effortlessly equip your dog for any adventure. Experience hassle-free harnessing with our easy on-and-off design.

Effortless Control

Achieve seamless control with our tactical harness equipped with a metal V-shaped buckle. Effortlessly guide and train your dog to walk alongside you. The harness boasts a durable handle, expertly sewn and sized for easy grip, ensuring convenient control during walks and outings. Experience superior handling and enhanced control with our reliable and sturdy tactical harness design.


  • Item Name: K9 Doberman Tactical Harness
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black, Army Green, Khaki
  • Size: M / L / XL
Size Neck Size Chest Size Dog Weight
M 18”-29” 21”-30” 15-30KG
L 23”-33” 27”-37” 30-45KG
XL 28”-38” 35”-45” 45-60KG

Why Choose Our K9 Doberman Tactical Harness?

You should select our K9 Doberman Tactical Harness for a number of reasons:

  1. Superior Quality: Our harness is manufactured from strong, long-lasting materials that provide reliable performance even in demanding circumstances.
  2. A snug and secure fit is achieved by the harness’s adjustable fit and soft padding, which were both created with your dog’s comfort in mind.
  3. Easy Control: Your Doberman may be trained to walk with you with little effort by using a robust handle and a metal V-shaped clasp.
  4. Versatile Features: You may adapt and increase the utility of the harness by adding other equipment using the Molle system that is included.

For dependability, comfort, and the best control during your training sessions or outdoor excursions with your cherished dog, pick our K9 Doberman Tactical Harness.


Welcome to our dogtacticalharness.com. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you better use our product:
Tactical Cat Harness FAQ
Yes, our tactical cat harness is designed with adjustable straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for cats of different sizes.
Absolutely! The tactical cat harness is specifically designed for outdoor use, providing your feline friend with both freedom and safety during walks, hikes, and other adventures.
While the harness is designed to be secure and minimize the chances of escape, it’s important to ensure a proper fit and supervise your cat during outdoor activities to prevent any unexpected escapes.
Tactical Dog Harness FAQ
To fit different dog types and sizes, our tactical dog harness is offered in a range of sizes. For the perfect fit, please refer to our size chart.
Definitely! The tactical dog harness has strong D-rings and attachment points that make it simple to attach a leash for improved control and handling while out for walks.
The materials used to make the tactical dog harness are normally strong and washable. With a little light soap and water, most harnesses may be cleaned. Please refer to the maintenance guidelines included with your particular harness.
The tactical dog harness is excellent for training purposes for many dog owners. Better control is provided by the harness, which also makes it possible, if necessary, to attach extras like patches or training aids.


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